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Los Angeles Area 150 Theatrical Agency List 

Sample of Spreadsheet

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How to Purchase

1) Simply Send me payment by Venmo or Paypal of  $10.   

                         Provide your email address in the comments.

2) I will email you the Agent List.

Venmo  (preferred)

Here is the Venmo link:

Venmo ID:  Karl-Steudel.      Verify when you see my photo as shown here, so you know it is me.


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Paypal the $10 to to

When using Paypal, be sure to make the payment as a “gift” to a “friend”, so neither party receives a transaction fee from Paypal. You may get a receipt that reads from “New England Actors Network”.

What am I buying?

A digital Spreadsheet of LA area theatrical agents, compiled from multiple, reliable, publicly available sources. 

Why should I buy it?

If you are an actor seeking theatrical representation, this will save you many hours of time-consuming tedious labor. As a working actor, I created this list for myself to submit to theatrical agencies. It took me over 48 hours, spread out over a few weeks. I figured, why not share this result with other actors, so they can benefit as well, while accepting a small profit.

Additional FAQ with lots of details


Is this list Agency current?

To the best of my efforts, it is Up to date as of 1/1/2020.


How has the Covid 19 Crisis effected the agency list?

Our industry may be changing. But there will still be need for actors, and a need for agents. No updates have been made to this agency list since the onset of the Covid 19 crisis. I don't yet know what changes may have occurred at the agencies. That being said, I suspect that any changes to agencies are not yet fully reflected in IMDB or anywhere else. This may still the most up-to-date list available.


What sources were used to generate the list?

The primary sources used were IMDBpro and every one of their individual agency websites. Additional sources include actually calling the offices, speaking with the agents and asking them directly what was their preferred contact information and submission process. Much care was taken to list the name of correct agent for sending submissions, with their names spelled correctly. In addition, once all the results and replies from MY submissions came back to me, they were tallied back into the spreadsheet for your benefit. These results include whether or not the agent replied, if they had updated an email address, if an agent had since left the office, or a new staff member joined, etc.


Does this list contain ALL the LA area theatrical agents?

No. But it includes MOST of the theatrical agents who ranked between 200 and 1200 on IMDB. The top 5 theatrical agencies, and specialty agencies focusing on literary, sports figures, dance etc have been excluded from this list. Why? If you are ready for CAA or William Morris, you probably do not need this list. These agencies are calling you as we speak. The list has been recently used, tested, and updated.


Why aren't all the commercial agents also included in this list?

While generating this spreadsheet, I was not seeking a commercial agent at the time. However, most of the agents listed here DO also have a commercial department. What I found increasingly, is that many of agencies, in order to accept you theatrically, prefer to rep you across the board. I will likely be offering a Commercial agent list as well in the future.


Why are you selling this Agency list so affordably?

1) Because I actually want to make other actor's lives easier. 2) I believe in the quality of this product and the help it provides. My hope is that all actors will be trusted to pay the $10 and be respectful of my hard work, rather than share it with others for free. Please support this work.


When is the best time to submit to Theatrical agents

Aside from the Covid 19 crisis we are currently experiencing, the following dates have traditionally applied:

A) Just before or after pilot season (first week of January, and then June 15th until mid-August).

B) November / December (agents tend to take vacations & they have more time to sit down with potential clients and update their roster).

How should I make use of the list?

The Agency list provides AGENCY NAME, AGENT NAME, PREFERRED EMAIL, AGENCY IMDB RANKING, SUBMISSION PREFERENCE , such as if whether they prefer email or hard copy submissions. Your job is simply to email or mail them a short cover letter, along with your headshot and resume.


Contact me:

Karl Steudel

978-386-5644 (text only please, 9am - 6pm PST only)

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