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Hello fellow PMC Convention Attendee  


Hi There, Karl here.

I look forward to meeting you at the PMC Convention. 


 Check out some cues below (still in process)

About Me
- Songwriter, pianist, vocalist and pop performer returning after 10 years, to Production Music.

My production music experience thus far:

I have a few songs in a couple libraries from 15 years ago, which still get frequent TV placements.


Production music goals in the next year:

Returning to music production, I need to...

- update and refine my metadata.

- learn about recent changes in the music business

- set up my library at Disco.

So, while getting my ducks in a row, my goal at this conference is Network and learn. 

I would love to learn from you:

I would love to hear from you about how you run your business. What is your day to day? I find it so interesting, the details of how people operate in their specific realm. Especially if you are a composer, music library, Publishing company, or Music Supervisor. 

How Might I help you?

Do you need:

-  A creative piano player to add a fresh option to you track?

- Someone to cowrite or co-produce with?

- a fun, quick refresher on music theory, to inspire new ideas?

- want to learn to play piano?


Other facts in my life outside of Music licensing:

- I minored in music at Bates College, then attended Berklee.

- Toured regionally in New England with my band 7Coyotes

- I am also an actor with many Voice over, film and TV credits. (20 years)

- I am also a private piano teacher. (20 years)  

clip art.jpg
Karl Steudel March, 2022.jpg
Good Health pharm spot piano
00:00 / 00:32
Upbeat latin swell
00:00 / 01:08
Upbeat driving accoustic guitar
00:00 / 03:13
Funkey Monkey novelty humor
00:00 / 00:50
Accoustic guitar3,4 time
00:00 / 04:56
Baroque Period Harpsicord
00:00 / 01:21

Some Past Placements

Three CD's of original Music


      Live Performer

          Karl's Band 7Coyotes has toured New England Bars, Colleges and private parties playing their original music. A Mix of Pop, Reggea, Jam and Blues. Karl's first Music video is in pre-production. For sale On Amazon and I-tunes, you will find Karl's three original Music CD's alongside two audio books which he recently narrated. 

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